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1949 - 2017

Ihor Stefiuk (Ігор Стеф'юк), the famous Ukrainian artist, is generally recognized as an author, worked in the genre of polychromic plastic arts in wood. His pursuits and experiments with this technique have delivered amazing creative results. Mr. Stefiuk relied on the rich traditions of Ukrainian folk art, éacral polychromy, and, especially, on icon art. He had a subtle perception of their deep spiritual essence.


The artist's attention, mostly, was focused on exhibition-type works. Ihor Stefiuk has established a new trend in this artistic field with his polychromic wooden compositions.

His works are represented in the collections of the following museums: Lviv Picture Gallery; the Museum of Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv; the National Museum in Lviv; the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv; and in the private collections in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Israel, and the USA. 

Mr. Stefiuk worked as an Associate Professor at the Lviv Academy of Arts.

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